Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Wargames Focus

One of my favorite wargame designers back in the day was S. Craig Taylor, Jr. On a curious bent, I wondered whether or not he had continued on after his stint with Avalon Hill. He produced a couple of games me and my friends played heavily; Airforce/Dauntless and Wooden Ships & Iron Men. As a matter of fact, one of my friends was a Airforce freak and playtested it when it was being updated and reissued for Avalon Hill. Doubtless we played other games he designed, but those two were the ones that really stuck out in my mind.

Last week, I hit paydirt. He is still designing wargames, but not all board games. His forte seems to be card games. He designs these games for Lost Battalion Games. This site was hard to find, and I had to link through another site to get to it. But the extra work was worth the find. Lost Battalion has a load of games, but if you're a traditional board gamer, you may have to change your paradigm a little, and give the card-based games a shot. There are also rules for miniatures, and at least one one board game title, Sergeants!

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