Sunday, January 18, 2009

So you're looking for an Elephant?

Sometimes I poke around with my GoStats link to see how people are finding StE(r). The two most common searches are , in this order, invariably for: 1) WW2 German Elephant Tank or 2) the phrase "Seeing the Elephant".

So to everyone who does a search and wanders into StE(r), I say - thanks for coming by! :-) I hope you find something unexpected and fascinating. This is one of the reasons this blog exists. Please take your time and stay, or bookmark it and visit often.

If you are intent on finding out more about the tanks or the phrase, I suggest looking here:

For the Elephant (or Elefant using the German spelling)/Ferdinand tank: This is a link that tells your where the surviving tanks are located. Here is a great break down of the development of the Tiger tank and its spin-off models. Of course you can also go to Wikipedia for a detailed description. And here's a video of a walkaround of one of the surviving tanks:

For a bit of history on the term "seeing the elephant": Here's a great article that was printed in Civil War Times Illustrated some years back speculating the possible origins of the phrase. The phrase wasn't restricted to wartime use, and was often said in peace time to refer to a big event that was forthcoming, like what was to become the California Gold Rush.


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