Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reenacting Links of the Week

American Civil War: Might as well start off with the painful parts first. Looks like the fellow who shot a bro has been caught and indicted: Re-enactor Is Indicted in Shooting of a Yankee. The crux of it is that the man wasn't even a reenactor, just someone who turned up on set in a Confederate uniform and had a period pistol. Rant to follow - thankfully Mr. Lord is doing OK. Here's another report: Indictment issued in re-enactor’s shooting.

Lincoln is making some personal appearances: Lincoln Reenactor Speaks Of Faith, Religious Freedom.

More on the group marching in the Inauguration today: Civil War regiment embraces parade role with open arms.

Free is good!: Civil War Museum offers free admission.

Bringing the Civil War to life, in second grade style: Bringing the Civil War back to life.

American/Canadian Frontier: Talk about little known history: History reenactment to salute Royal Engineers.

Some good news for a historical site with a strong living history program: Attendance rises at Old Sturbridge Village.

American Revolutionary War: Here's some shots taken at the Battle of Cowpens reenactment: Blasting back to Cowpens.

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