Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reenacting Links of the Week

World War 2: Sad news any way you cut it: Student Dressed As WWII-Era German Soldier Shot, Killed By Seattle ...

American Civil War: A subject near and dear to my heart, the restoration of some of the battlefield at New Bern, NC. My ancestors fought on and fled from this battle: Battlefield project reaches milestone.

Update on the preservation efforts at Laurel Hill Battlefield: Laurel Hill Battlefield Where the past is present

Crikeys - no wonder our hobby doesn't have a worse rap (refer to #9 in article): Offbeat stories found on local news beats

An interesting article about an SC reenactor who's marching with a recreated black regiment in the presidential inauguration: SC re-enactor to march in black unit at Obama inauguration

It's amazing that these things can still kill 150 years later: Officers detonate live cannonball

Sad news about a bro who died with great honor: Pastor Killed in Storm Exemplified Message of Sacrifice ...

Hey! I went to high school with this guy: Brad Harmon and his family are bringing a little “Dixie Pride” to ...

Seminole Wars: Here's a write-up on a rare reenactment: Dade Massacre's outcome always the same, for history's sake

Early Frontier and Rendezvous: Preparing for an event is an event within itself: Living-History Reenactment Is Planned Chaos.

American Revolutionary War: Looks like the Delaware River crossing reenactment has some family history to it: River crossing re-enactment a tradition for three generations of ...

A report on the Battle of Cedar Bridge: Re-enactors mark Barnegat Revolutionary battle

Teaching young minds good things: Folk singer, re-enactor visits Cherry Road School

Ancient: A primer on bring living history to the classroom via ancient Greece: Living history in the classroom

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