Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing some Diplomacy today

I'm going to try my hand at being a diplomat today by playing an old Avalon Hill game called... Diplomacy. I played this game about 26 years ago and it was great fun. Since then, life got into the way, as well as another hobby. I'll update the outcome later today!

UPDATE: The game went well. We had enough players for 6 of the 7 available countries; Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Italy, and Austria/Hungary. In this game, Italy was the odd one out.

Diplomacy is a tricky game that requires alot of strategic thinking and a persuasive tongue. It is one of the greatest games ever created, IMHO. It's not big on the details, but you get a sense of how alliances are created and broken. How sometimes you need to be open to one player and hidden to others.

Without boring you with the details, the game concluded thus: Austria/Hungary was out of the game, and two major alliances came to be - Russia/Turkey and France/Great Britain/Germany.

Even after 26 years, the game was all I remembered it to be.

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