Monday, January 19, 2009

Movie Review: Flyboys

Period: World War 1 - 1916 to 1918 -Lafayette Escadrille

Synopsis: Flyboys is centered around the later months of the Lafayette Escadrille, from 1916 to 1918. The story revolves around Blaine Rawlings, a Texas rancher who was foreclosed on and has decided to involve himself in bigger things, namely WW1. Other characters are added to the mix to become Rawlings' companions in the escadrille. Dogfights, balloon busting, unlikely rescues and romance are all featured.

Overall opinion: I'm torn with this movie. It's much like U-571 in the fact that it is a fun movie, but the history is absolutely terrible. First off, all the characters are fictional. The historical Lafayette Escadrille had more interesting characters than was presented in the movie. Secondly, the graphics, while great, didn't lend to much variety. You had the feeling that all the German planes where red Fokker Dr Is. Only the bad guy flew the black one. The real fact is Germany had all sorts of planes and the Dr I had a relatively sort operational career. But apart from the history, and probably the tendancy to save some money on the CGI, it was a fun movie to watch.

Good reenactor film?: This is one of those movies that is fun enough to watch, and inaccurate enough to pick apart. Some of the settings are great, and I think are fairly accurate, the uniforms are so-so to not-too accurate. I liked the actors, and there are some quotables in the movie to use in a reenactment or a WW1 dogfight wargame.

How does it stack up?: Flyboys is decent enough, but could have been much better if the writers used the actual historical figures and spent a little more on giving the Germans different airplanes. I'd recommend it for a rental, but think twice before making it a keeper.

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Kelsey said...

I agree - I'm happy to see another WWI movie, but...the accuracy on this one is pretty awful.

mntineer said...

I'll be reviewing "The Blue Max", and I'm curious how the two compare.