Friday, January 23, 2009

Group Spotlight

To pop me out of the ACW/WW2 groups rut, I've decided to look to Europe and spotlight some groups in other time periods. If I'm correct, the major reenacting period there seems to be the Napoleonic War, and there are a ton of groups to spotlight. The first I'd like to do are the 23rd Foot Royal Welch Fusiliers.

I have the impression that Napoleonic reenacting is equivalent to Civil War reenacting in the States in terms of size and interest. Unlike ACW, the Napoleonic reenactors have nice colorful duds! The 23rd Foot is no exception.

The 23rd's site is simple and pegs the basic information, but the photo gallery is the main attraction for the casual surfer. Lots of picts that give an idea how active this group is. Interesting and well worth a look.

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