Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great example of stupid legislation

This is a prime example of stupid gun-banning legislation that takes away a right, but doesn't even address a problem. It's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

First off, the news headline is misleading. The proposed bill is a flat ban on modern .50 caliber weapons, with the exception of any antique firearm over .60 caliber. Would this include .69 and .75 caliber weapons? The article seems to think so, but I'm not convinced. From what I understand, firearms in NJ .60 caliber and above are considered cannons, and are considered illegal in NJ. So this would be nice for all the reenactors who have .58 caliber weapons, but still potentially a dud if you want the next highest calibers. Bill A2116 doesn't really include any clear wording on this.

Enhance by definition is: to improve or add to the strength, worth, beauty, or other desirable quality of something.

It may not TAKE away from SOME reenactors, but it doesn't enhance anything.

Making an exception for all antique weapons in New Jersey's case is an enhancement. It improves on what should be an inalienable right to begin with. This new bit of legislation is a travesty with an exception thrown in.

“This analysis proves once and for all that there’s no reasonable argument for opposing this bill,” said Gusciora (D-Mercer). “This should remove any doubt for those who may have had it.”

What "analysis"? What problem is being solved? There are perfectly good arguments for not instituting a ban (aside from the obvious Constitutional issues) including the fact that a .50 cal weapon of any type is probably on the bottom of any perp's list of weapons to use to knock off the local convenience or liquor store. Usually a .50 weapon amounts to a high-powered paper/pumpkin/milk jug shredder. It still bans .50 caliber WW2 or later era weapons that are part of historical displays. So no reenactor enhancement there, another right taken away from law-abiding citizens, and no social problem solved.

If it's the case of personal taste, then maybe the good citizens of NJ need to make that determination, instead of an ignorant politico with a seeming chip on his shoulder. This is also a great example of why you should be vigilant at all times, lest you see your rights fade away because of suck-up politicians.

Here's some NJ gun law trivia.

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