Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Elusive Hall Carbine

Early in my reenacting career, I used to help with a newsletter, and one of our advertisers was the Ordinance Depot. One of their projects at the time was to reproduce a Hall breechloading carbine. I don't know if the project ever got off the ground but the thought of owning a Hall has never left my mind.

The closest you can come to owning one, is to put one together with parts from The Rifle Shoppe. These guys offer parts for several Hall models.


Chris Fischer said...

I think it was Ordnance Park of Grand Junction CO. They only made a dozen or so and most of those went to the National Park Service at Bent's Fort or Fort Scott..they were quite nice. I had one from Rifle Shoppe parts but had to wait over five years for all the parts, and in the end it cost almost as much as an original and has some issues. Chris Fischer

Blaine Bachman said...

Some fellows around ABQ have been working a similar inititative (or maybe this is the same one) for several years now. I had the opportunity to fire one of these weapons in 2007 (http://abqbachmans.org/nmcousmb/objects/lasg3869sm.jpg) and saw three of them at Las Golondrinas' Civil War weekend.