Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Reenacting Links of the Week

I've decided to redo the Reenacting Links of the Week. Instead of searching and listing all links I can find, I'm going to list and comment on the more interesting ones. I'll still break them out by period. So without further adieu...

American Civil War: Looks like Lincoln and Douglas are duking it out again in Illinois: Lincoln, Douglas square off in reenactment of famous debates.

Although I can't place the time period other than in the 19th century, this article is about Suzy Beggin Craft, a shepherd: Illinois woman recreates history with a flock of specialty sheep breeds , an interesting article if you like applied living history.

Here's something on a hockey coach and ACW reenactor: Ice Bears' Siganuk likes to live in the past.

Mainstream reenacting in Texas: Bringing the Civil War to life.

The 146th anniversary of the Battle of Prairie Grove comes to life: Battlefield Comes Alive 146 Years Later.

Looks like the battle reenactment at Selma is no more: Guns of war no longer blast in Selma . I've written on Selma in the past, with this post, revisit, and opposing opinion.

Here's something that we need more of: Re-enactor to present Civil War program - the title of the program is "Introduction to Civil War Reenacting". It heartens me to see reenactors going out proactively into the public to share the hobby.

American Revolutionary War: Good intentions gone for naught, another crossing of the Delaware River proves unsuccessful: Washington Crossing reenactment thwarted by high winds.

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