Sunday, December 28, 2008

Got a new game!

Decided to give set of fun games a turn. Not quite historical military games, The Battle for Middle Earth Anthology plays to my love of the Lord of the Rings books and movies. If you like the Warcraft (not the MMORPG)or Starcraft style strategy games, then you'll like Battle for ME. As a matter of fact, this game plays much like Starcraft, which I find more enjoyable than Warcraft.

Why blog something obviously not real-world military? I did it for a couple reasons. In a strange, round about way, the LotR books led me to miniature wargaming, RPGs and then on to reenacting, so this game has a strong element of nostalga. The second reason is that the LotR books has a military bent to them, and is attractive to me.

This game represents a possibilty to get my smack-talking, orc-friend brother in a game that can be used to wargame some LotR battles out. Probably not the most accurate way, but most definitely a fun way. It harkens back to the time of the Fantasiques miniatures.

Who knows? I might also turn to LotR reenacting!

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