Saturday, February 02, 2008

Saturday Vids: Napoleonic Reenacting 7e linie

This shows what a little knowledge in video production and a bit of creativity can do for a great recruiting tool for any reenacting group. Made me want to get my uniform and kit together to fight 'ole Boney.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Man, what an awesome video! Thanks for posting that. I have sent a link to a couple of the guys in my unit. Even though our unit doesn't participate in many battles (mainly living histories) this makes me want to go out and burn powder!

Andrew @ Civil War Navy

mntineer said...

I know! I have a appreciation for the Napoleonic era that surfaces every so often. This was a nicely done presentation. Battles, living histories... I'll take any thing to feed my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Who owns that footage? Its awesome, is it yours?
I work for a College in Southern California and we are making a Telecourse that includes an interview with a medical historian who talks about injuries and surgeries during the Napoleonic and Crimean Wars.
I'm wondering if we could get permission to use some of the footage towards the end of the video.

Bruno Vanneste said...

I'm Bruno Vanneste from Belgium.
I was surfing on the net.
This is my video, I have made this as a recruting video for the 7th of line dutch army :D thx for the nice comments on it :p
you guys know living history worldwide webside? its a site for reenactors.
kind regards