Monday, February 18, 2008

Impressions - US Army, Vietnam - 1969

Another shot from the King's Mountain event from almost a year ago. This event featured groups who specialized in US army impressions throughout the centuries, starting with the Overmountain Men who fought at King's Mountain.

The final impression period was Vietnam. The private on the left is wearing what would be the uniform of US forces in the mid- to later stages of the conflict. He looks to be wearing the 2nd Pattern Tropical Combat Jacket, Variant A, along with the 2nd Pattern Tropical Combat Trousers. He's also wearing issue Jungle Boots, second or third pattern.

This far as I can go on the description, but from what seen at King's Mountain, it was pretty impressive and the way to go for many who are looking to branch out from WW2 reenacting to a area that is now developing an interest in recreated events.

This fellow is part of the recreated 199th LIB "Redcatchers".


Pete said...

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