Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas present gaming

I got Combat Mission: Shock Force for Christmas, but I've only had the time and inclination to install (again) and play it last night. My impressions are a mixed bag of interest and disappointment.

As with all Christmas gifts, I gleefully opened this game and hoped to have it installed and played in a few minutes. After an hour of trying to get it to play, I gave up. Then last night I tried again, and having done a little troubleshooting research, installed it successfully. I was impressed with the interface and sound effects. But when it came to playing the game, things changed a bit. Unlike the other Combat Mission games, this one wasn't as gamer friendly - the map navigation is more cumbersome and there's a ton of unit information to track. Adding to the problems, my computer didn't have the "oomph!" to run the program optimally, so it seemed to putter through the games.

I'll mess with it more and see if I can get used to the interface and game play and hopefully, I'll become impressed.

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