Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pig War?

As I was scanning the 'Net for some news articles, I come across a Veteran's Day article, which mentioned that one of the veterans in attendance was a "Pig War" reenactor. I thought I knew alot, but that one was a stumper. Could the writer meant Bay of Pigs? Nope. Pig War. It was a little known stand-off border dispute between the US and Canada just before the American Civil War broke out.

The Pig War happened on San Juan Island, Washington State, and a reenactment group actually covers this historical dispute for the National Park Service. Interesting read.


Andrew Duppstadt said...

Well there's something you won't find in the history textbooks. And there are actually reenactors covering it. BTW, glad you are back in the blogging loop!

mntineer said...

Andrew! Glad to have you back! Was at Fort Branch, and there were a group sailors there, reminded me of your blog.