Monday, November 19, 2007

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 21

We jump from the history of good ole US of A and fully into the offerings of Europe. One of the periods I have a fascination with is the Crimean War. This war could be considered the precursor to the American Civil War, and employed much of the new technology that would used to devastating effect in the later conflict, particularly the rifled musket. This war is a valuable study for ACW buffs, and should make for a fertile ground in reenacting. But, finding info on the Crimean War reenacting scene tough to come by, so this post may be added to later.

To start, we'll go back to the good ole USA and to Her Britannic Majesty's Own site. This group isn't a military group per se, but interpreters who represent post-Crimean observers to the Civil War, or direct officer-level interpretations during the Crimean War. Another US-based unit is the 93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment of Foot, which does both a War of 1812 and a Crimean War impression.

Now, properly hopping over the pond, we come to the site of the 19th Regiment of Foot, otherwise known as the Green Howards. Even in the UK, the Crimean groups seem tied to ACW reenacting there also. The 15th Regiment of King's Light Dragoons is another group that has other impressions, but does a Crimean War impression when the opportunity presents itself. This site also has a great gallery of 150th Crimean War anniversary shots. They also reenacted the Charge of the Light Brigade, along with the 17th Lancers reenactment group. The last UK unit I could find is the Die Hards, who actually do a number of interesting impressions, and have a great section showcasing their Crimean War impression.

As for the other sides of the conflict, I'm still looking around!

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