Friday, September 21, 2007

Putting it into PARK for awhile

My most sincere apologies for not blogging for some time, but when work calls, I must respond. That is, if I wish to continue with my gainful employment.

Unfortunately, work has called big time, and even seen it fit to put me into a leadership position. The bad side is that my time has dried up, and any time I have left over is spent recovering to do more work. The good news is that this is a temporary thing.

Note: I said "leadership position" - not a promotion and more $$$. Oh well.

Anyway, with my newly bestowed, though albeit temporary, role, I'll need to put Seeing the Elephant(recreated) into PARK, at least for a month or so. Hopefully by then, my time will loosen up, and I'll hopefully have some interesting things to write about.

But let me reassure you, my faithful readers, I will be back and StE(r) will pick back up where it left off. I've put too much love and time into this blog to let it go.

Until November -- Mntineer slogs off to fight the campaign called "work project".

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