Sunday, July 01, 2007

Visited Lynchburg, would like to move there!

Just got settled in after a quick trip to Lynchburg, VA to attend a wedding for one of my wife's cousins. Although the city is better known these days for Jerry Falwell and Liberty University, it has a considerable richness as far as Civil War history goes. Back in the day, Lynchburg was known as a railroad hub and for its tobacco warehouses. (If you ever heard the lyics to "Jonny Boker", then you know). In the Civil War, the warehouses became hospitals, and the railroads and depots became prime military targets. So it was only a matter of time until the Federal army made an attempt to disrupt or destroy Lynchburg's military value.

Union forces under Gen David Hunter made such an attempt in June of 1864, but were thwarted by Gen Jubal Early and a lack of supplies.

Lynchburg itself had an outer and inner series of defenses. The outer defenses guarded the byways into Lynchburg, the inner defences guarded the city center. The battle never pushed much past the outer defenses, and eventually petered out.

My trip to the relatives' wedding strangely enough included a reception held at the Fort Early museum(?). Fort Early was one of the earthen forts that made up the outer defenses, along with Fort McCausland and a couple others. Of course, I disappeared for a few moments to prowl the earthworks catch some fresh air. I thought it humorous that this had to be the ultimate Southern wedding - it was being held at a Confederate fort and a portrait of Robert E Lee hung over the fireplace mantel in the reception area.

I have a very positive impression of Lynchburg, and we're heading back to take in more of the historical sights.


David Hylton said...

being from Lynchburg, I'm glad you see that the city is more than Falwell!

mntineer said...

Lynchburg is a great place in my opinion, and one of the places my wife and I would seriously consider moving to. I know Falwell has influenced the city's image, but I think Lynchburg is much more, and I really enjoy what it has to offer.