Friday, July 06, 2007

Group Spotlight

The George H Thomas' Invincibles (GHTI) are an interesting concept in the world of Civil War reenacting. This group is actually a confederation (no pun intended!) of several smaller "mess" organizations with a similar mission.

The site itself is rather simple, and very easy to navigate. It acts much like a portal to the other individual group sites, plus it covers the GHTI as a whole.

The idea of GHTI is very appealing to me, since it seems to be a successful cooperative effort to pull together like-minded groups. I really enjoy the Events page - every event seems to almost a travel ad. Makes it look very appealing -- something groups need to do help members decide on what they wish to attend. It also specifies the impression that the groups are aiming for.


FortyRounder said...

I just caught your July 4th post--congratulations. I don't reenact anymore but your blog is always interesting and often though-provoking. Especially like the uniform studies.

mntineer said...

Thanks for the great comment! It makes me feel like I'm the right track, or at least doing the right thing. :-)

I have many more uniform studies coming, so keep checking in. Also, please comment. One of my best uniform studies posts was based on my lack of knowledge - a commenter was able to write in a quick overview on what I missed about the NC Uniform. I learned a great deal.