Saturday, June 23, 2007

'Zine on the table this week

The latest issue of Civil War Historian is another interesting, and yet, morbid issue.

The morbid part is an article on photographing the dead. I don't why I was so taken aback, since I'm a child of the South and taking funeral pictures was a common thing to do down here up until the early seventies (at least in my family). But then again, the article was great and in my opinion required reading.

Also, the CWH has really jumped on a topic that I think more reenactors, and especially groups who host events should take note of. That is, how to conduct a realistic and well-run event. This month is a review of Shaker Village, and the scenario is civilian-driven. The article is absolutely a must read. I'm going to start using what they are writing about as a standard for events that I attend. I'm seeing an eviable amount of creativity I wish would spread to my neck of the woods.

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