Saturday, June 23, 2007

My favorite Sutler of the week

NJ Sekela is a well-known name in CW reenacting, and his wares are considered top-notch. His site reflects that attitude, and should be a browser bookmark or a favorite vendor link.

I actually own his Type 1 Federal forage cap, and it has held up well. I felt it was a worthwhile purchase, and I'm more than happy to order another one of his quality products.

Also, I found Mr. Sekela to be very easy to work with, and very, very prompt with email communication. That alone scores high marks with me. So high as a matter of fact, that my group is making a mass order for blankets. I'll report how this transaction goes through. If it's like Stoneybrook, the last sutler I posted the results of an order, then I'm in great hands.

Another thing to note is that Sekela also sells WW2 items, mostly German. If his quality with WW2 is on par with his CW stuff, then he's a quality vendor to consider.

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