Sunday, May 13, 2007

Small morning pick-me-ups

Here's a post from the Old Virginia Blog that will warm your heart if you've been on the down and outs about explaining or defending your interest in the Confederacy.

Also, Hardtack and Hard times has a great post about a teacher who is teaching his students about the World Wars via hands-on and in-the-mud simulations. Better than doing this stuff on the PC. Very interesting, and subtly politically incorrect.

Found more reenactor blogs - We'll Call This "My War of 1812 Re-enactor's Blog" - it's not too terribly well posted, but it has potential if he can get some encouragement. He covers the War of 1812, so something that might have an interest for someone. Another, better posted blog is The Warhorse Gazette, which covers cavalry up to WW2. Interesting posts to read with this one. Another blog that would appeal to the younger set is An Old Fashioned Girl's journal. She has some great CW posts, but you have to be patient because she tends to mix personal entries with it. The historical posts are great, and worth reading. The Pain Bank is an SCA offering, and a very cool read (and listen too -- the blog contains many podcasts) if you like medieval stuff.

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Blue Bellied Yank said...

Really enjoyed the antique photos on An Old Fashioned Girl's journal!