Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 19

Since this week's blog find centers around Civil Naval history and reenacting, I feel that it's only appropriate to feature ACW navy reenacting as this week's fringe. Again, if you want a great starting point to see writings and photos, look no further than Civil War Navy et. al.

Although not as visible as land-based reenacted ACW groups, the naval contingent has been around for a long while, sometimes participating in land battles when history dictates. Like many other fringe groups, naval reenactors have an umbrella group to join, the Navy and Marine Living History Association. This group isn't limited to just ACW and covers a number of other periods.

Not a group, Naval Training Ship CSS Neuse II project was a "school of the sailor" so to speak. The concept looked great, and maybe it'll be held again. Any event like this is not only a great time, but really needed within all aspects of reenacting. In addition, some of the proceeds of the event went to aiding in preserving and displaying the remains of the actual CSS Neuse.

A great group site is the US/CS Naval Landing Party. They cover both Navy and Marines with the primary empathsis on the Federal side of the boat. A list of group links can be found at the U.S. Marine Detachment, Washington Navy Yard links page.

Note: Also check out Andrew Duppstadt's (Civil War Navy group, Ship's Company of the Roanoke.

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Andrew Duppstadt said...

Thanks so much for bringing some attention to us navy reenacting types. Glad to see that you mentioned the umbrella group NMLHA, as they are a great organization and a good starting point for anyone wanting info on maritime reenacting. Also glad to see your mention of the CSS Neuse because I used to be the Assistant Manager there. Thanks again for mentioning my blog Finally, if I could, I'd like to get a plug in for our unit's website. Ship's Company of the Roanoke can be seen at Thanks again!

Andrew Duppstadt