Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 18

Here's an era that I've meant to do for some time. It's the world of Western or Wild West reenacting. From what I've found on this segment of the reenacting hobby, it seems to be centered around a toungue-in-cheek sort of fun. The Wild West magazine blog is pretty fun to read too.

The first group we'll look at is the Ghost Riders in OK. They describe themselves so:

This band of rabble is known as the GhostRiders ®, a not-for-profit Living History / stunt company composed of historical reenactors experienced in recreating the Old West and Frontier eras.

GhostRiders do Living History interpretations based on either first-person or generic approximations of frontier people and events spanning the Antebellum years prior to the American Civil War, up to the turn of the century and Oklahoma statehood.

The next group from Canada seems to err more to Hollywood, looks fun anyway. The Guns of the Golden West is much like Ghost Riders in the fact that they're a combination of renactors and stuntmen. Here's their story:

Our members come from various walks of life. This is their hobby, born of a love of the old west. We attend monthly meetings and training sessions, and have an Executive board that governs the operations of this not-for-profit Association.

We do this for fun. We also do charitable work usually in the form of performances, and sometimes with cash donations to various charitable organizations. It is a family oriented Association, allowing members children to become junior members and participate in the Associations activities.

Another interesting angle is that Old West reenacting is very popular in Europe. The Arizona Rangers site is a great example of the European interest in this era of American history.

Of course, you have to have a town to stage gunfights and the usual brawls, and Whitehorse Ranch fit the bill. Since this is a taste of what you can do, Lady Outlaw's Western Links page is full of links you can explore to fully enjoy an Old West experience. Of course you can imagine the ultimate Old West experience here.


Blue Bellied Yank said...

I think it would have been really fun to live during this time in history. It would also have been really hard!

mntineer said...

Here's a link to check out:

This was a PBS reality show that featured three modern families living the life back when. The show was morbidly interesting because everyone was *so* hapless. I just remembered that link -- I may post on it later.