Monday, May 21, 2007

Group Spotlight

I'll be getting tons of mileage from the "Military Through the Ages" event for the next few posts. Another great advantage of any event like this is to connect with other reenactors that you may not otherwise meet. This is true of this week's spotlight group, The North State Rifles.

This is a solid campaign-oriented group that pulls its membership from all over NC. They do a wide array of North Carolina soldier's impressions, from '61 on through to the end of the war. The NSR Web site is great to look at, especially the gallery, with many great shots of the group. The design leans on the graphic side, but navigation is easy and information plentiful.

One thing that they're planning to do with the site is a photographic progression of impressions, so that in itself is worth a bookmark and frequent visits.


Christopher said...


Thanks for the attention and it was good to meet you this weekend. I should note that we're not limited to Durham-Raleigh, but have members in all parts of the state.


mntineer said...

Chris - thanks for the note and I've done a little bit of wordsmithing to the post to reflect. Don't want to nail down a great group to one area. :-)