Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My favorite Sutler of the week

Frazer Brothers sutler is a very nice shop, and worth a look. The site as a decidedly western feel to it, and includes items from many time periods, the Civil War being but one. If you're into the Spanish-American War, this is one of the few sutlers that cater to this time period.

The Web site is great -- very graphical and easy to navigate. The only drawback is that they're still working on some aspects of it, so not all the links are working. But, that won't stop you from accessing pages, you may need to click an extra time to get where you want.

As with any sutler I haven't personally bought from in the past, I can't personally vouch for the quality of the items that Frazer Brothers sells. So, as with any sutler, I would collect some recommendations before ordering. Many groups sites do recommend Frazer Brothers as a primary sutler.


Spiff said...

Several years ago I bought a nice set of russet leathers from Frazer Brothers. They took forever to arrive and I had to reorder part of the order because one of the employees had seen fit to cancel part of my order in the interest of authenticity. This was resolved with a referal to Echos of Glory. I have been pleased with them though. While on skirmish duty I lost the slug that served as the tip on my bayonet scabbard. Called and talked to Gay about getting it fixed. Told her what day I would be in the area (I live about 500 miles from Dallas) and she said that they would be open that day, regular hours, and to stop by. Went over an hour out of my way to get to their shop to find it closed. No hours posted and no reason to be closed in the middle of a workday posted either. Called three different numbers with no response. Moral of story - good products but extremely poor service so beware if you expect service with quality goods.

Blue Bellied Yank said...

Been away from the blogging a bit. My husband was assaulted by our crazy neighbor. The lady put out her cig in his face and then slapped him. She still didn't go to jail! Yesterday, I went to inquire about getting a no contact restraining order. She drinks heavily! That all happened 2 days ago... today is my husband Jack's birthday!
Oh! my cousin Bonnie sent me a photo of Edward Whitcomb which I've been looking for... I posted his pic alongside his history on my blog. What's cool about Edward is that he survived the entire war without missing a day even after being wounded!

mntineer said...

Spiff -

Thanks for the info! I try not to make recommendations on a sutler site if I haven't completed an order with a sutler, but I don't want to paint an inaccurate picture either. Thanks for your input! :-)

mntineer said...


I'll make a note to self: get better cops to BBY's neck of the woods! Sorry about your woes with the neighbors, it's never a happy thing when there's no resolution to the problem.

Adam said...

I've used Frazer Brothers a couple times in the past and I don't recall any issues- but that was some 8 or 10 years ago. I ordered a number of Span Am items and everything was OK.

The uniforms are made by the Quartermaster Shop (the authenticty is somewhat questionable but I'll leave that for another time) and one advantage or ordering through Frazer Brothers is that they ususally have most sizes in stock.

Finally, their website has been "under construction" for over a year- if it's one thing that really irritates me as a potential customer are websites that are never updated- it's not that hard to do and if you find that it's too much of a problem, then don't do it at all. Just my opinion.