Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcoming a new Civil War blog to the fold

Blue Bellied Yank is the new Civil War blog on the block. She's getting off to a great start, and I look forward to reading her posts on our favorite subject. She is also a sutler, so hopefully I'll see a Web site in the future, as well as articles on BBY about what to look for in an antique bible, and the best places to find them or news on period reproductions.

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Blue Bellied Yank said...

Thanks for the kind introduction! While I profess to be a blue bellied yank by birthright I hope to exchange with the Confederate forces to gain a more complete preceptive of the Civil War era.
My Mom was a history teacher, so my love of history began at an early age.
I'm a sutler in the most modern sense of the word. The store does sell Civil War reproductions, WWII originals and reproductions, and various other interesting items for outfitting one's quest.
The company I work for was sold recently to a French firm who is not in favor of selling items from the German era of WWII. These were a favorite with many of our loyal customers.
If anyone is interested the link to view items available online is
The items vary greatly from month to month because we are a liquidator of sorts. Use key words Union or Confederate rather then Civil War when looking online. Call 1-800-882-2962 to request a free military surplus and shooters catalog.
I've been employed at the Guide since 1994. The store was started in Gary Olin's garage, he sold deer patches and military surplus. We've come a long way since then!
Also, I scour antique shops and used book stores for antique bibles. Always in hopes of finding the motherlode... a 1860's family bible. Antique photograghs are another passion of mine. I look forward to posting photos I've collected of Civil War Veterans.