Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I had writer's block, but it's gone now...

I know as recreators of military events, we all know that there's an element of danger involved in what we do. I also remember what I friend of mine said long ago - "most gun accidents stem from violations of the basic rules of handling a firearm." An obviously true statement that sometimes is ignored to the eventual behest of the hobby. But we all make mistakes.

That brings me to the news stories I've read about a reenactor whose firearm discharged prematurely and subsequently suffered powderburns and a cut from his accident. Fortunately, the reenactor's injuries were minor, and weren't exacerbated by a fall from his horse or any other factors he had to deal with at the moment.

Unfortunately, I've read this story from at least five different sources. Bad news travels fast.

This rant isn't pointed at the reenactor though. I imagine in addition to dealing a painful wound, he's also kicking himself for fat-fingering his pistol. Instead, this rant is pointed at the media elements who picked up this non-story and plastered it all over the Web.

Admittedly, when I read the news header, I had the instant thought that a bro had either been ramrodded or got hit by a lead shard from a someone who had live-fired his piece previously. Something I never want to read about. Call me dramatic, but that's what I think would make a reenacting incident news-worthy. If it isn't serious, I don't expect it in the news. Powder burns, although painful, aren't serious. The time I ran over my foot with a pallet jack was more dramatic. Did I make the news? Nope.

Although the news media can be our friend that gives us much needed publicity concerning events and the hobby at large, sometimes we tend to forget that its also an opportunistic entity waiting to zero in any interesting occurrence, good or bad. Like a powder burn. That's another reason that we need to watch our Ps & Qs out on the reenacting field, and make sure we drill correctly and proficiently. This is the way we all stay as safe as possible.

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