Friday, April 27, 2007

Gettin' my impression ready

Got impression will travel - at least to the Bennett Place this weekend. Did a little research, and I think I'll have a fairly convincing and educational impression going into the event.

I plan to do a Western theatre Federal soldier from the 8th Tennessee Infantry regiment. This was the only Unionist Tennessee infantry regiment to leave the eastern Tennessee area and participate in the Carolinas Campaign. It was attached to the 23rd Corps, which actually hung back while the rest of Sherman's army drove north, ultimately aiming for Virginia.

The 8th Tennessee ultimately occupied Raleigh in April before being mustered out that summer, which is around the time of this event. Since details of the 8th are sketchy at this point in time, other than a unit history stating it was in garrison, it would be possible that a detached company could have been moved westward to keep the peace.


Blue Bellied Yank said...

That's interesting, I had no idea that Tennessee had a regiment that served with the Union! I was aware that the state was deeply divided in sentiment.
Your posts always educate...
You would have made a good teacher!
Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

Blue Bellied Yank said...

Imagine you had some roasted pork or hardtack around the campfire last night?
Hope your weekend weather was as lovely as here in the Midwest... where it's been 80 degrees?!

mntineer said...

I'm back! East Tennessee populated several regiments of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery. Most of it stayed in Tennessee, and only the 8th TN participated in the Carolinas Campaign. It mustered out in August of 1865.

As for the event -- great weather, although it only was for a day. I'm saving up for some of bigger living histories to eat roasted pork and hardtack!

Blue Bellied Yank said...

Do you actually take on the persona of one of the soldiers that served in that regiment? Or do you invent a character to role play during the reenactment?