Friday, April 13, 2007

Civil War reenacting article

Here's an interesting article in The Wave Magazine about the Civil War reenacting hobby in general. It's actually a decent overview from an outsider's perspective. It draws some oddball conclusions, so beware. There are some interesting stories from reenactors, although I'm guessing it just draws from California-based groups for interview material, since the magazine itself is published in the Silicon Valley. Mildly humorous, and worth a read.


Blue Bellied Yank said...

Thanks for suggesting the article. I enjoyed reading it. Hardcores might find it was a bit farb, not enough period rush!

mntineer said...

Reenacting on the West coast has a different quality to it than what we do in the East. They seem to do more things that we used to do but have seemingly abandoned due to the freak-out factor, like doing realistic wounds and the such.

sthabig said...

I read that article you had posted and just wanted to say a few things. Being a reenactor myself with the Cumberland Guard, I would think that blood pumps and fake eyeballs and the such is really farbish. I really cannot stand when people do that kind of thing, I think it takes away from the experience when a spectator and you see a guy throwing a plastic eyeball into the air. Fortunately out here in the East, most people have dropped such ridiculous practices and have become more focused on realism. I would be interested in hearing your response

mntineer said...

Hey sthabig, thanks for reading the blog!

To answer your comment I feel that it depends on what aspect of realism you're looking at.

Personally, I feel that excessive "blood and gore" (BnG) is for those reenactors (or hams!) who like the charge of getting a response from the crowds. I've never really cared about it, mainly because what we present rarely comes within a truely authentic scope to begin with. Doing BnG doesn't add alot to the presentation as a whole. You'd be better off buying stuff for your impression and improving the quality aspect of the hobby.

On the other hand, I don't think BnG detracts from event authenticity, if done properly. But most battle events are an abstraction anyway, so authenticity is relative. We reenact war, and if someone wants to contribute to the 'feel' of the battle, all power to them.

Hmmm... I feel a new post coming on!

John said...

Thanks for responding,
I still wouldn't agree with the fake blood usage and stuff related, but do agree that it is the reenactor's decision on how he wants to portray an American soldier during the Civil War. So if he wants to go running around screaming and pumping the crowd with a shower of blood like a lunatic, than I say go right ahead!
just kidding...mostly (here's where the smiley face is supposed to be)

John said...

for some reason this says john, but it is actually sthabig.

sthabig said...

By the way,
What unit are you with?