Saturday, March 03, 2007

Another relative in military history

This time on my wife's side. This is Jesse Benard Stancil, and she has collected a little bit of information about his service:

Served in WWI. Landed in LeHarve, France. Have copy of certificate of military service certifying that he was in the Army from July 22, 1918 until May 15, 1919. He received an honorable discharge as a Private. Served for 10 months.

Also have copy of final pay roll indicating that he was with Company B, Conv. Cr. Tr. Cr. at Camp Lee, Virginia. Upon discharge, he received $1273.38 which included travel pay of $6.90. He also received a war risk allotment of $7.50. At some point during his service, he received a pay check for $74.40.

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