Friday, February 16, 2007

Movie Review: Uprising

Period: 1943 - WW2 - Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Synopsis: A TV miniseries about events leading to and the actual Warsaw Ghetto Uprisings in 1943. The series spotlights the heros and survivors of the uprising, and events that lead to the circumstances, and what happened afterwards.

Overall opinion: Although this is serious material, it's a welcome change from what I've seen in the past about the events covering the Holocaust. Usually Holocaust movies detail the grim lives of the victims and survivors -- The Pianist and Schindler's List immediately come to mind. The little angel of my conscience always wants to see the cruel Nazi get his due, but that scene never comes. Many other such movies tread the same path. Uprising is different in the fact that it portrays the WW2 Jews as not just victims, but fighters who have accepted their fate and have decided to die with honor. Call it a "payback" movie. Despite a few technical flaws, I liked the movie -- it had heart.

Good reenactor film?: Unfortunately, what makes Uprising a good film isn't the attention to detail, otherwise, it would have been a great movie. The civilian clothes are fairly accurate, but the military uniforms are another story. When IMDB spots you for that inaccuracy, it's pretty glaring. The "Polish" uniforms at the start of the movie aren't Polish, but late WW2 Russian infantry. The German uniforms and equipment started out OK, then slid quickly downhill to "Hollywood Nazi" standards matched by movies like Top Secret. The German heavy equipment just didn't cut it - I was praying for some left over props from Saving Private Ryan to come in and save the day. Then again, the story is compelling, but there's not much here for the reenactor to marvel at.

How does it stack up?: I know it seems that I've been taking in a lot of movies, but it's the reenacting off-season, and it's nice to see some historical Hollywood offerings before the season gets cranked up again. Uprising stands by itself in its particular category. If you can get by the flaws in detail, suspend the reenactor eye for a while, this is a good movie, and worthy of some serious watching.

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