Thursday, February 08, 2007

Movie Review: An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge

Period: 1863-1865? - American Civil War

Synopsis: A short film based on a story by Ambrose Bierce. The episode I watched was the French one shot in 1962 and shown on the Twilight Zone. An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge (or La Rivière du hibou) involves the hanging of Peyton Farquhar, who is identified as a member of the Southern resistance. What Peyton did to deserve hanging is never explained in the movie. The actual short story places the incident in Northern Alabama. As Peyton is to hang, his rope breaks and he escapes. I'll not give the ending away, but there is a twist at the end of the movie.

Overall opinion: I have soft spot for the Twilight Zone, but I don't ever remember seeing this particular episode. It's decently done, and the twist at the end keeps you hanging.

Good reenactor film?: Not a great reenactor film like "Zulu"or "Gettysburg", but a reenactor wouldn't mind watching it. The uniforms and equipment weren't exact, but I did see a soldier toting a gin-u-wine percussion Springfield. It didn't show a lot of detail, in keeping with the protagonists' point of view.

How does it stack up?: It's a neat one-time watch, but once you seen it, that's it. But it does wrap you up the first time around. I recommend it -- it's very interesting.

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d said...

Dear Elephant ,
Yes , I have always enjoyed this episode of Twilight Zone ever since it first aired . I beleive there is another Civil War themed Twilight Zone as well. I think Wide Awake Or Lion Heart made a more recent "Occurrence at Owk Creek " with Rob Hodge.
All for the old flag ,
DAvid Corbett