Saturday, February 03, 2007

Impressions - Pacific Campaigns - US Marines, 1944-45

Another "Jeep and Jitterbugs" reenactor. But if I remember correctly, he was a walk-on. He simply seen the displays, went home, geared up, and asked if he could join us for the day. I remembered he had a great impression, and his youthfulness was square-on for a Marine enlisted man at the time. But the Pacific was his only interest, and he didn't join our group - not to say we didn't try our best to get him to join up.

Everything he had on was impressive and from what we could tell, straight up original Marine Corps-stamped uniform and gear. The only thing he didn't have was a rifle.

He wears the Marine stamped later issue HBTs, issue leggings, and the rough-out low quarter boots. I'm not sure if the buckle boots were issued to the Marines, but the leggings seemed to be a staple until the end of the war and on into the Korean War. As a matter of fact, this uniform and gear, with small modifications, would be what the Marines would wear in the first few months of Korea. He also has corporal's stripes marked on his HBTs, a practice that was adopted because of the constant replacement of HBTs in combat conditions.

This uniform wouldn't be changed much until the early sixties when the Department of Defense decided to eliminate uniform and gear elements that could be issued in a universal manner.

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