Saturday, February 03, 2007

Movie Review: Paths of Glory

Period: 1916 - WW1 - Western Front

Synopsis: "Paths of Glory" is based off a novel written by Humphrey Cobb, and loosely based off an incident in the French army in WW1. The incident involves a failed assault by French troops on an area of the German line called the 'Ant Hill'. In the commanding general's eyes, the attack failed because part of the assault force did not move to join the attack. Instead, it was stalled when it's commanding major was killed, leaving that force without a leader. The commanding general considers the failure a black stain on his honor, and insists three soldiers (actually down from the initial 100) stand trial for the whole unit on charges of cowardice.

Overall opinion: This is a great movie, and one of the few that stands the test of time. It's not a long movie, either, so it's easy to get a quick viewing in. It has that "Kubric" feel that you'll see in "Full Metal Jacket" or "Doctor Strangelove". Again, this is supposed to be an "anti-war" war movie, but my opinion of those is posted here.

Good reenactor film?: Much like "Joyeux Noel", this may not be a great film for picking out correct uniforms and the such, but it certainly does evoke the horror of trench warfare in the battle scenes. The effects nowadays may seem a little on the cheesy side, but they're not over done and within the context of the film aren't distracting. It has notable one-liners, so this is a great film for reenactors to get into the mood for doing the next gig.

How does it stack up?: Like I said above, this movies does stand the test of time. Compared with some of the more better modern fare, like "The Lost Battalion", it still is an enjoyable watch. Also, this movie lacks any real cliches, which makes the movie a unique watching experience from beginning to end.

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