Monday, January 22, 2007

Impressions - Pre/Early WW2, Philippines - US Army, 1941

Another couple of shots from the "Jeeps to Jitterbugs" display put on by the Raleigh City museum 12 years ago. At the display, the Old Hickory Association had a variety of uniforms and kit from WW2, showing everything from early to late war, vehicles and the such

The reenactor wearing this gear represents what the pre or early wartime US infantryman would have looked like. Everything he has on is actual uniform and kit, no reproductions.

Slung over the shoulder is the battle-tested M1903 Springfield rifle. He's wearing the Class "C" uniform which was comfortably light for the tropics, but didn't last very long in combat use. The cartridge belt is the early khaki variety, and helmet is the M1917A, which sported an updated aluminium brace for the leather webbing inside.

This uniform quickly gave way to the cotton herringbone twill (better known as "HBTs") uniforms that were used later in in war, and were popular with soldiers serving in the Pacific theatre of the war.

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