Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Reenacting links of the week

Here are some reenacting links for this week:

World War 2:
Steady lads... we're bringing history to life

American Civil War:
Civil War was won, but fight for spotlight in education continues
Civil War Museum receives funding
Wanna play a role in history? (This one begs for comment)

Early Colonial, Revolutionary War & Early Frontier:
Hamilton-Burr Duel, AP Photos; 1
Descendants fete Hamilton's 250th
Teacher gives life to history
George Washington at Valley Forge Is Subject of New Outreach Program
Virginia: 400 years of history in Jamestown Post a Comment

Teen who loves Middle Ages fights for yearbook photo


xazuru said...

interesting.. you should add current wars' links too!

mntineer said...

If some Korean or Vietnam reenactors have a recent news article, I'll be throwing those in too.