Friday, January 19, 2007

Ack! He got my tank!

I've been playing several games of Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord, and they've all been a blast. No pun intended.

These days, wargaming is pretty downright cool, with real time action and very realistic results. One game I've been playing is a later-war scenario called Reichwald Redoubt. The Germans have to hold up a rather constant attack from a Canadian battalion. In thi battle, I've been able to defeat the Canadian infantry, but he managed to bop one of my few tanks. It was the Hetzer, which tend to go pretty early on anyway. Now my Wespe is trying to get itself killed too. But hey, they'll make great roadblocks!

I've also ordered another game, Highway to the Reich. If you want to order a wargame, I suggest doing so through Amazon, you'll find some great deals. This one was $30 off the retail price, and Campaign Shiloh was about $20.


David Stefanini said...

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mntineer said...

David -

I'll bve more than happy to crosslink you. I support bloggers when and where they pop up, especially readers of this site. Just look in Blogs of Note, and your links should be up in a couple of minutes.