Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I'm currently listening to

Here's a modern day compilation worth a listen. "Songs of the Civil War" is a nice set of songs as played by current artists. Don't expect period picking or singing, this qualifies only as an event psych-up CD. It does a great job of being just that, though. There is no slickness to the recordings, which kind of gives this CD a homey and quasi-authentic feel. The only gripe I have is the Ashokan Farewell -I love the song, but I just feel its way over-used.

After giving the once over, I recommend this one for the reenactor who needs a fresh CD for those long road trips.

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Blue Bellied Yank said...

I was just listening to the Soundtrack from Cold Mountain on my way into work the other day. I should order a copy of 'Songs of the Civil War' I know I'd enjoy the time travel trip it would take me on! Listening to the music of that time period just sweeps me out of 2007 and plants me in the mid 1860's.