Monday, December 04, 2006

Wartime Letters of George R. Stancil 1861-1864 Pt1

Rather than trying to recreate the wheel, I'm writing this serial verbatim from a well-cared for notebook passed on to my dearest from a relative she met while doing research on her family lines. Obviously, this isn't from a published work, and the relative recently passed.

These letters don't carry much information about troop movements, or what the soldiers wore or what they ate. Its a window to a soldier and his beloved in a time of war. So, without too much adieu, the wartime letters of George R. Stancil.

"Enclosed in this notebook is compilation of letters personally written by George Russell Stancil (Stancel, Stancill, Stancell) during the Civil Wars years of 1861 to 1864 to Miss Winiford Emily Dupree. The letters are arranged in chronological sequence (as can best be determined). Typewritten transcriptions of each letter have been placed behind each letter. These transcripts are subject to further verification.

"Though undated, I feel that the two notes shown below, and transcribed as follows, initiated the entire sequence of these priceless letters:
Miss Emily Dupree. I would be very glad to see you but as I cant I would be glad to hear from you. I expect to write soon and I hope to get an answer back. The Rose is red the viletes blue the Pinks are prety and so are you.

G.R. Stancill

I simply write you this to let you know that I am A going to write to you and that I want you to write me. You can find out how to back your letters from Sister.

I hope you will write soon.

Miss Emily Dupree

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I agree... that's priceless!