Saturday, December 30, 2006

Slight course change

When I set up Seeing the Elephant (Recreated), I intended it to be a journal of my reenacting interests, which tend heavily toward the Civil War, but flowed in other periods, namely WW1 and WW2. Over the year it has been in existence, Seeing the Elephant has become identified as one of the growing list of Civil War blogs. A small amount of national exposure helped that identity along. Admittedly, I've enjoyed those perks.

But as I write this blog, there are more things militaria that interest me that I want to write about; like other periods in reenacting, wargaming and movies. So you'll see more posts on these subjects in the coming year. Be sure though, the Civil War period will predominate, as usual. It's one of my favorite periods, and I'm not going to desert it.

Another reason for the change is the fact that I don't want to exhaust the large amount of information that the ACW part of the hobby offers. I've discovered that if I constrain myself too much to the Civil War period, the online information well dries up or I burn out for awhile. I also have the desire to expose everyone to the different aspects of reenacting - a throwback to the time I subscribed to Living History Magazine years ago. That publication opened many wonderful periods to be explored. Maybe Seeing the Elephant will help spark additional interest in an oft-neglected era.

So, if you're a new reader you'll see some change, but not too much. If you've been reading awhile, then you're already used to the occasional departure from the Civil War, it'll be a little bit more than usual. That's it!

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