Friday, December 29, 2006

Selma, the final word

I know I've kicked this subject around in lively rants, but I think it's only fitting to give those closest to the topic the last word. This is in reference to the history of the upcoming 2007 Battle of Selma.

Captain AW Redd of the 33rd Alabama has kindly added a bit more to the Selma issue that deserves to be posted for all to see. I appreciate his feedback:

In prior years, the local Selma Kiwanis Club had taken a major role in putting on this event...many of the Kiwanians were reenactors. After many years, the Kiwanians interest in putting on the event with many a Civic club project. Another difficulty was that the host unit, the 33rd Alabama, is scattered about the state with few members actually living in the Selma area. Mr. Yeargin provides the "boots on the ground" to handle the many, many details that must be dealt with in putting on a good event. The civilian side of the event has pretty well left the military side to the reenactors, save the logistics necessary to get things done. So, we are looking forward to Selma 2007 and having a fine, quality event. Selma has so very much to offer.

A.W. Redd
Capt. 33rd. Ala.Infantry

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Blue Bellied Yank said...

That was a great visit to Selma... I'd forgotten all about the black smiths and the wheelwrights.