Friday, December 29, 2006

Interesting groups on the reenacting fringe, Pt 14

The Blackhawk Wars seem to be mentioned only in the context of President Abe Lincoln. But there's more to this part of history, and it's covered by reenactors.

A great first site to visit is the Blackhawk War interpretive history page of the Old Lead Region Historical Society's Web site. This particular group seems to concentrate on the Michigan militia from the period. Here's a quick description of the group and it's activities:

The smell of woodsmoke... the taste of a roast perfectly prepared in a "tin kitchen"... the crack of flintlock musketry... all this and so much more awaits you as a member of our militia company! Far from the so-called "popular" impression of "militia," our group carefully reproduces the clothing, equipage, and arms of typical citizen-soldiers circa 1827-1832. We drill in accordance with the actual militia manual in use during this time.

Another Black Hawk War era group is the Black Hawk War Society. They cover Captain William Highsmith's mounted volunteer company and the 5th US Infantry.

These two sites are worth a look if you have an interest in reeacting a period out of the ordinary.

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