Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What I'm reading now

The South Vs. The South looks be a nice basic introduction to the southern Unionist's struggle with the Confederacy, and the border states' desire to be accepted as loyal elements in the greater United States. I've read into the first section, and I like what I see so far.

The Amazon reviews to this book are worth reading, too. They're some interesting perspectives and a couple that are downright amusing. One that stuck out was this:

First, the states of the Upper South were definately NOT Anti-Confederate! Anyone who claims as much has lacked the historical studies to pass a history class, let alone have a book published which some will take seriously!

Hmmmm .... can you say eastern Tennessee and West Virginia?

The reviewer seems to think that "Confederacy-sympathetic" Kentucky was only "liberated" from the Union for a short while. Did he ever hear of the Orphan Brigade - it was orphaned because Kentucky was considered a neutral state! Lincoln arrested all the secessionists in Maryland to prevent it from seceding - so I guess 20k men who went to the Confederacy from M'land trumps the 50k M'land Union troops. Hey, the Confederate flag had 13 stars! If you sew it to your flag, they're yours.... I still can't hold a straight face while reading this review. It may even produce a rant on this blog. Maybe he needs to sit down and read some history past the usual Was Jefferson Davis Right? fare.

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