Sunday, October 29, 2006

What I Last Read

The South Vs. The South

ISBN: 0195156293

The South Vs. The South is a short but worthy read. But be careful of what to expect within its covers. As I've said in the past, my point of interest is southern Unionism, and obviously, this book seemed to address the subject. After reading it, I can say not quite.

The book is very high-level - general - about loyal southerner's role in the ultimate downfall of the Confederacy, and the part played by slaves and slavery to that end. The South Vs The South is roughly divided in half by these two topics. It's very shy on any real information about southern Unionism, but it does cover the dilemma of the border states very well. It explains the role of these states and delivers an effective comparison between the border and the deep south states. For this overview, the book is worth the read.

The second half of the book is spent explaining the effect of the drainage of slaves away from the Confederacy. This was a nice discussion, and for me, it filled in some holes in my knowledge. In some parts the author seemed to become overly absorbed in subjects related, but not really connected with what he should have been discussing. A good example of this is the critique of the Shaw monument. As nice as it was, it could have been easily edited out. Just the facts, just give me the facts.

Good book, a worthy pick up for anyone who needs a short read about the border states or the impact of slavery during the war, but if you already know the topic, it's not going to shed any new light on the subject.

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