Thursday, October 26, 2006

Takin' Hits

We all (eventually) bow to the necessity of taking hits during a reenactment. Some us are hams and can look very convincing, and some of us a not-so-convincing.

I'm like a lot of guys who've been in the hobby - I'm more willing to take hits now, mainly because I don't want to spend the time cleaning my rifle. I'm not quite to the realm of "one-shot wonders", but I'm getting there.

There are few interesting articles on the art and humor of hit taking. Paul Calloway (of Authentic Campaigner fame) gives a great overview of various hit takers. Linneus Ahern of the 9th Virginia gives his views about taking a hit as realistically as possible - off a horse. Maybe you won't go through a rough ride like this guy.

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