Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lifeus Interuptus and Post Perryville Decompression

Hey everyone -- I'm still here! Having to take care of matters outside the realm of this blog, so I haven't skedaddled. :-) In the meantime, I'm recharging the batteries!

Also, I have a question to pick up some commentary from readers -- After you attend an event, particularly a large one, do you feel pumped up to attend another, or do you go through a decompression stage where you've gotten your fill for awhile?

Also as a side note, Seeing the Elephant (recreated) turned one year old last Monday! I blogged the Corinth event then. It was a blast, much like Perryville this year.


David Corbett said...

Dear Elephant ,
I too returned from Perryville ! I fought inthe Saturday morning battle and then performed music the rest of the event , so got to watch it as well . It was quite thrilling ! I met Mike Koepke , a fellow Civi War blogger but missed you .
The traffic conditions to and from Perryville were the worst I've ever encountered but I enjoyed the event and was "fired " up watching the Confederate assault Sunday afternoon . I try to attend and support Perryville every year as it is the closest ( excepting Corydon ,IN ) , battlefield to Chicago . So to answer your question : I get pumped !
all for the old flag ,
David Corbett / BATTLEFIELD BALLADEERS / 10th ILL. Inf.

mntineer said...

David -

I tried looking for you when I could, but my unit kept fairly busy, so I wasn't able to get out and see the sights around the living history village. The only thing I did do is some sutler diving.

Mr. Mntineer Elephant

Drew W. said...

Was Kenneth Hafendorfer there to sell his new book on the Battle of Richmond, KY?


mntineer said...

Drew -

To be honest, I don't know. There were some authors there for book signings, notably Betty Jane Gorin for Morgan Is Coming and Bill Christen for Pauline Cushman - Spy of the Cumberland and another fellow who wrote a state-interest book, but I didn't see Kenneth Hafendorfer on the schedule.

Drew W. said...