Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hey! Let's commemorate a Civil War battle, but...

Update: The Franklin brew-ha-ha is taking on some surreal aspects. The most interesting is the "First Amendment Area" where you can voice your opinions. Read here. Thanks to Instapundit for keeping up with the controversy.

An excellent post about the Franklin controversy from Volunteer Voters.
...let's not fly that pesky Confederate flag. I agree, let's not fly this flag at Franklin.

Let's fly this Confederate flag instead!

Or this one!

They seem to fit the occasion, too.

Unfortunately, The mayor's decision is the strange and ignorant child of Pop Politics. "Let's not offend the people who wouldn't even commemorate the event in the first place, let alone go to the ceremony where the flags would be flown anyway." Can we say dumb?

But it's nice to know there are authentic work-arounds if the AoT flag can't be flown for some stupid reason. Maybe the mayor needs to check this site out for some deeper thought on the flag issue.


Spiff said...

My unit has a way of dealing with this issue. We don't usually fly the battle flag; being a Missouri battalion we go with a First National, Western, or Missouri colors. Having said that, we will not attend an event where the organizer has put restrictions on any flags that were flown. Same goes when we galvanize.

mntineer said...

Spiff -

That's a good group policy. I'm not sure if banning flags a trend with some places, but I do regard it as silly and misguided, not to mention a constitutional concern.

This especially true for Franklin, which attracts a goodly number of reenactors to a large event.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would allow the use of one of those cheesey battle flags with Hank Williams Jr. in the middle, or the crying Cherokee, et al.....?

This doofus is probably just running for reelection, and needs some face time. He's ought to pull it out of his backside first, though.....

mntineer said...

It's Pop Politics - kow-towing to the gods of Political Correctness to win political points with a certain demographic, and not necessarily blacks.

I'm all for rational discourse - I know there are some people who don't like the Confederate flag, and I don't want them to be afraid to express their opinions. But they have to make way for my opinions, too.

But a First Amendment area? You've got to be kidding! Sounds like something some socialist nation would do.