Monday, October 30, 2006

Group Spotlight

I hit the motherload when I was surfing the 'net for group sites to spotlight. This time, I didn't want to do jsut any group, I was looking for a standout. The 102nd USCT Co. B fit the ticket nicely.

I don't see many black reenactment groups kicking around, so it's refreshing to see a group devoted to one of the many USCT regiments that fought in the war. The the 102nd's mission statement is clear:

The 102nd USCT/BHG fosters and preserves the history of the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) by enhancing the public's understanding of Michigan's African American contributions in the conflict through historically accurate reenactments, camp demonstrations, military drills, parades, memorial ceremonies, and civilian activities.

This is a group that's also been around awhile - it was founded in 1986. Maybe one of these days, they'll come a bit further south and share in some of the larger events. I'd certainly welcome that.

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