Sunday, October 22, 2006

Group Spotlight

I caught this group site while surfing for group sites state-by-state. The 16th Louisiana site was the most intriguing one I found over a short search. All in all it's a fairly well-designed site that meets my DIGM criteria. It's easy to navigate, has a simple structure that delivers a good amount of information without becoming too clotted up, has nicely-done graphics, and is fairly up-to-date.

The part of I liked about this site was the Articles section. Those are very well worth reading, and in particular the advice from the Mexican War veteran who had tips for the "new" crop of soldiers who would fight in the Civil War. It's a worthy group site to check out and surf.

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David Corbett said...

Dear Elephant ,
The 16th are my Secesh comrades and I have fallen in with them at Selma and Corinth . Serious about history and very military . Thanks for noticing them.
all for the old falg,